Banging result for Dazzle in Vegas

We (Lola Tech) and Dazzle headed to Vegas for the Eye for Travel show a couple of weeks ago.  The conference was well attended, we spent about 3 days inside in air conditioned conference facilities at the Mandalay Bay conference centre.  The show was opened by the COO Mandalay Bay who shared some insight into what it was like to be him after the worst ever mass shooting in US history.  Interesting to see that perspective from a hotel that employs 3,000 staff and what they had to deal with on the day and the fact they all had to come back to work the day after.

We were putting our conversational credentials front and centre which went down well and positioned our conversational concierge product dazzle in the innovation awards and after a very close user vote managed to win.  See video below:

We then had 2 days to celebrate before we came home, which we did well.  The news made it into a few articles:

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