Some words I made up

It all started in 2011, the phrase “On Trend” was everywhere.  I thought it needed an update so I started to use Trendon as a replacement.  It never really caught on, but I did submit it to Urban Dictionary under the moniker “Trendonista” with the following definition:

Of aesthetic or cultural acclaim, a way to complement someone on their style.

A update to the word “trendy” so you don’t have to sound like your dad.

A modification of the phrase “On Trend” so people won’t know how much Grazia you read..

Your shoes are fabulous, they’re SO trendon.

I really like your haircut, its really trendon

I subsequently made up the word wrongcom.  Inspired by Romcom but to describe a laugh hard to stifle at something you really shouldn;t laugh at.  I defined it thus on Urban Dictionary:
When you are laughing at something that you know you should not laugh at. Its wrong but its still funny.

Its wrongcom

That guy with the false leg just fell over again.

Poor guy


That’s SO wrongcom

I feel that definition could be improved but I hope you get the idea.
I also made up the word ‘thern’ to use instead of there then.
Instead of saying “Great, I’ll see you there then” you can just say “I’ll see you thern”.
I’m not sure any of these are going to catch on.

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