Moment Pebble

Moment Pebble

I came up with the idea for Moment Pebble on 16th February 2018 whilst listening to a Headspace session on focus.  My personal experience of mindfulness, a recent MBSR course and talking to others lead me to understand a problem that it is easy to fall out of a regular practice.  I also wanted to create something that was not linked to technology, believing the mobile phone is the problem not the solution to finding some space for yourself.

Moment Pebble allows you to take a 30 moment for yourself by providing a point of focus and gentle beat of light indicating the moment is over.  You never need to charge the moment pebble or plug it in, the power you need is provided by your environment.

The purpose for Moment Pebble is to “Increase the cognitive capacity of the human race.” 

I have since taken the idea forward in an equal partnership with an old friend who really understands this space, Alex Strang.  Find out more at – fundraising now on Kickstarter, campaign video at the end of this post.

Launch Press Pack

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Origin photos with my family summer 2018:

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