In about 2010, about this time of year, I caught a falling leaf.  From that day forwards Autumn has started (at least in my head) when I catch a falling leaf.  This has always been an interesting time of year, slightly more treacherous on the bicycle as I weave towards leaves and never have I felt the pressure so much as this year.

Our 2 boys have just started school and it’s the ‘Autumn’ term.  We needed to get this season on.  We went to tree lined paths aplenty with no avail over the last few weeks.  I then lost my laptop charger and was heading to the last known sighting, it was not there then on my bike this leaf floated into my hand. Autumn had begun.

If I had not lost my laptop charger, or had not gone to look for it, I would not have caught this leaf.  Would autumn ever have started?

I honestly can’t tell you how autumn started in 2012…



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