COVID-19 Moments

I challenged myself and a couple of colleagues to record a moment a day for 30 days during lockdown. Here are mine.

What’s a moment? A moment is a conscious piece of time where you can take a break, increase your awareness of the world around you and by doing so quieten the noise and build up of stress in your mind. The benefits are illustrated in the below diagram and defining these and helping people take more of these moments is the core purpose of The Moment Company.

By taking these moments you can increase the number of times you consciously take control of your mental state and move into a more positive train of thought:

Moment #1 – Saturday 18th April. Sienna explains what a moment is (with a little help from George)
Moment #2 – Sunday 19th April. A moment on the floor.
Moment # 3 – Monday 20th April. My eye hurts.
Moment # 4 – Tuesday 21st April. Often it feels like everyone else’s life is gently gliding upwards and your own doesn’t feel like that at all. We’re all heading the same way, step by step. Appreciate each step.
Moment # 5 – Wednesday 22nd April. Glittering planking moment
Moment # 6 – Thursday 23rd April. Breathing your way up the telegraph pole.
Moment # 7 – Friday 24th April. Enjoying every single sound whilst the photons shuttle into my eyes.
Moment #8 – Saturday 25th April. So appreciative of having neighbors like these.
Moment #9 – Sunday 26th April. I stayed up late as a Greek boat captain on Sat night and failed to moment on Sunday.
Moment #10 – Monday 27th April. I hurt my lower back during circuits and was looking up cures, really interested to see the NHS website citing control of your mental state tends to help recovery.
Moment #11 – Tuesday 28th April. Talking some time out to lose and find myself in the raindrops.
Moment #12 – Wednesday 29th April. Had a breath-work session with this guy. 90 mins to discover a breathing technique that gave me an access point to loads of thoughts in my head I’d not unpacked. I cried.
Moment #13 – Thursday 30th April. I’m transported back to giddy childish excitement waiting for the next rumble of thunder to arrive.
Moment #14 – Friday 1st May. Talking to my wife I got distracted by a reflection that I made a point of re-visiting later on.
Moment # 15 – Saturday 2nd May. After a long noisy day I really appreciated the quiet of the kitchen. N.B. The min I stopped recording this video I heard the word “Daddy!”
Moment #16 – Sunday 3rd May. I see these flowers gently emerging day by day as I work.
Moment #17 – Monday 4th May. I got lost in the unicorn mane waving at me and enjoyed a pleasant moment of curiosity away from my laptop screen.
Moment #18 – Tuesday 5th May. A break outside, catching a bit of sun, enjoying a bag of crisps whilst getting lost in the wind chimes and reflections.
Moment #19 – Wednesday 6th May. Getting much joy form these fast growing plants. I think they are tomatoes…
Moment #20 – Thursday 7th May. With Pierce enjoying the delightful transformation of dandelions.
Moment #21 – Friday 8th May. Making friends in the garden.
Moment # 22 – Monday 11th May. Sounds of the Forest.
Moment # 23 – Tuesday 12th May. Solar panels and original thoughts,
Moment #24 – Wednesday 13th May. Is the sin delivering me a message using Morse code?
Moment #25 – Thursday 14th May. Taking a moment to look up, up and up!
moment #26 – Friday 15th May. A moment of play.
Moment #28 – Monday 18th May. So satisfying this bit of housework.
Moment #28 in slow-mo.
Moment #29 – Wednesday 20th May. An enlightening moment at work with a v.1 moment device.

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