‘Media First’ for ‘Actionable Audio Ads’

A ‘Media First’ is a phrase much used in the world of advertising but rarely achieved. It describes the invention of a new way of advertising. At Say It Now we coined the phrase Actionable Audio Ads in September 2020 after running the first of a series of charity campaigns. We have subsequently lodged a trademark application for the phrase and are hoping this becomes the descriptor for this type of advertising moving forward.

Imagine how happy I was when this story was picked up the the main industry magazine, Campaign, who also featured the video we’d made in the kitchen with the family and also with a sneaky feature of a Moment Pebble on the Alexa shots.

Read the coverage from Campaign here (or on the Say It Now site here if you don’t have a Campaign subscription)

Read some deep industry insight from Voicebot.ai here

Enjoy the extremely cheesy video below:

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