Ale 3.0

We used to get together and talk about exciting big ideas. We were told that ‘We will meet again’. Lets stress test that hypothesis.

For 3 years from Feb 2009 Ale 2.0 was a monthly meetup “for folk who work in digital and love real ale!” No talks. No pitches. A meeting of minds that ‘refreshed parts other meetups couldn’t reach’.

Founded by Tom Ollerton and Louis Gill with later support from Charlie Cadbury and AJ O’Connell.

It developed a loyal following of early adopters and we made many longstanding relationships.

In a recent conversation Tom and Charlie asked wondered where these great people are now are would they want to reconnect?

Is there sill a thirst for this type of meeting? There’s a lot going on and we still have loads more questions.

Back at the original ‘Tweetup’ in 2009 we excited about ‘Mobile Apps’, ‘Social Media’ and ‘AR’. Perhaps now we can forward the conversation to ‘NFT’s’, ‘Voice’, ‘Automation’ and ‘The Metaverse’?

If you ever attended an Ale 2.0 you’ll be very welcome and we’d love to reconnect. If you never got the chance you’ll be very welcome and we can’t wait to meet.

Expect to come away with a mind full of stimulating conversation that will stay with you for years to come.

See you there!

p.s. We have no idea how many people will be up for this so if you are PLEASE register ahead of time and we’ll share the right sized venue at least a week beforehand.

For a wave of nostalgia, here’s what we dredged from the Ale 2.0 archives…

Origin story with Tom and Louis

Ale 2.0 at The Rake ‘Ale Never Fails’

Ale 2.0’s hacked Twitter Account

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