The Swan

In January this year I decided I’d like to write a book for my daughter for her birthday.  I pulled inspiration from the most positive aspects of my life to create a classic bedtime story, I have had a couple of years reading “bedtime stories” which excite rather than induce slumber.

After writing the copy I sent this tweet looking for an illustrator and got a load of responses, the deadline was quite tight but Esther Rubio had a fantastic portfolio and we got on so she started bringing what was in my head to life.  Within a fortnight she had created 16 watercolours, I had 10 days before my daughter’s birthday so quickly uploaded the scans to Albelli and got a run of 5 books to ensure I could give the present o her birthday.

I’ve since had the images reformatted and got to grips with Amazon’s print on demand service CreateSpace so, from today the book is available to purchase here.  If you decide to get a copy, please let me know what you think.  I may even do this again.

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