10 Reasons 2019 Is The Year Of The Bot

This is all about communication.

The ability to convincingly communicate puts you ahead of the rest.

Automated, constantly improving, communication systems deliver great power and influence.  However, are the people of planet earth ready to use these systems?  Are we ready to trust bots?

As with any new communications channel it needs to come of age before it is trusted.  Facebook Messenger, Alexa, Google Assistant, SMS and WeChat are the most widely used communication channels on the planet and we completely believe the time is now, we’ve built a business focused solely on exploiting the technology here.

Part of our role is to evangelise the benefits, we do this by being highly informed in the world of voice skills and chatbots.  I.e. We do the research so you don’t have to.

Here are the top ten reasons we believe 2019 is the year of the bot and some tasty visuals to back up our chat:

  1. Trust
  2. Tipping Point
  3. Experience
  4. Awareness
  5. Winner Takes All
  6. Uptake
  7. Usage
  8. Conversational Commerce
  9. Natural Language Processing
  10. Multi-Channel

1) Trust. In a huge vote of confidence, a recent survey shows many consumers are now happy to engage with chat-bot to receive a diagnosis.

2) Tipping Point. 2019 is the year more than half the population of the earth will be using messaging services. The channels are maturing.

3) Experience counts more than ever. It’s never been easier for a consumer to take their business elsewhere. This drives up the requirement to offer exceptional experience or risk losing your customers.

4) Awareness. The concept of intelligent agents is now well understood and available on an ever increasing array of devices.

5) Winner takes all attitude. Every major technology company knows the importance of leading in this space and driven by their own agenda is investing heavily to drive adoption and usage.

6) Uptake and usage of digital assistants is happening faster than we saw with smartphones or even the internet when they were first introduced

7) Usage. Accenture say “Digital Voice Assistants are on track to dictate the consumer ecosystem.” There are still some challenges around trust but the direction of travel is clear.

8) Conversational Commerce. With a new and trusted communication channel who is reaping the benefits?

9) Natural Language Processing is the core technology that underpins this and all data points to the rapid growth of this technology.

10) Multi-Channel. Conversational interfaces should be built where the users are rather than on the channel you decide. At Say It Now we believe in an extendable architecture that allows one conversational model across all channels.

We believe the case is obvious for brands to create conversational technology to communicate and increase the experience for their customers. 2019 will bring further use cases and the commercial rewards for those brands who are maturing their knowledge of chat and voice bots. For a higher level view on the state of voice we also published ‘5 Predictions For Voice In 2019’

If you want more of this kind of info we belong to a community that helps us keep up to speed on all things voice, if you’d also like this kind of information, sign up to https://www.voice2.io/. We have to get our chatbot info elsewhere, stay tuned here or follow us on LinkedIn for those updates.

About the author:

Charles Cadbury believes that everyone should be able to communicate seamlessly with the brands they love and is CEO and Co-Founder of Say It Now, a specialist technology company that helps brands take advantage of opportunities created by consumers shifting to conversational channels.

Also available as a slideshare:


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